What is EasyPASS-RTP?

With EasyPASS-RTP you can easily complete the border control on your own. Just scan your electronic travel document, glance at the camera – and you’re through border control. The automated border control system has many advantages: it is very secure, easy to operate and speeds up border crossings. The new system does not replace manual border checks but is an additional service. So from now on you will find additional lanes (eGates) for EasyPASS-RTP users at airports that handle the highest volumes of passengers.

This procedure may be very useful for frequent travellers as a simple, quick and convenient alternative to traditional border controls, since these border checks are largely automated.

Participation in EasyPass-RTP is free of charge.

Who can use EasyPASS-RTP?

Holders of electronic passports (ePassports) from countries that signed a mutual agreement to use automated border control procedures are now eligible to use EasyPASS-RTP to enter and leave the Schengen area – provided that they are at least 18 years old and registered with the Federal Police.

Such agreements currently exist with the United States of America and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Peoples Republic of China. Other third countries may follow.

Where do I find EasyPASS?

Any registered traveller who crosses the external borders of the Schengen area can use the eGates in the arrival and departure areas of the airports displayed on the map.

How does EasyPASS-RTP work?


To participate in EasyPASS-RTP, you should visit an enrolment centre at a German airport using EasyPASS. There, you will be informed about the enrolment procedure and our data protection policy. You will then be asked to sign a form to confirm your voluntary participation in EasyPASS-RTP and consent to the storage of your personal data. Afterwards the Federal Police will check whether you meet the participation requirements by means of a questionnaire.

Following this procedure, we will check the validity and authenticity of your travel document and whether there are any security issues that prohibit your participation in a RTP. In order to achieve this, we will check your data against the available police information systems.

Provided that there are no objections for security reasons, your personal data will be stored in the EasyPASS-RTP database of the Federal Police.

If you complete the procedure successfully, you will be able to use EasyPASS-RTP instantly and for the remaining validity of your ePassport. You will receive confirmation of the recorded data and the purpose of its use.

The application forms can be found in the download area.



At the airports participating in EasyPASS you will find the following symbol directing you towards the automated border control system.

Place your passport on the document reader with the data page face down. After your passport has been recognized, the door to the lane will open.

In the lane, look directly at the camera located above the monitor in the exit door. The system then compares the passport photo to your live image.

Exit to get the passport stamped

After successful face recognition, registered travellers (RTs) from outside the EU - in contrast to the usual EasyPASS procedure - will see a special symbol and have to wait until a border guard opens the exit door.

RTs have to move forward to the monitoring booth, which is located directly behind the EasyPASS gate.

An officer will then check the additional entry requirements and stamp the passport.

After that procedure the border check is completed.

Personal eligibility for participation in EasyPASS-RTP
Since EasyPASS-RTP is an automated procedure, high public security requirements must be met. Therefore, travellers need to be particularly trustworthy to be eligible for participation.


The Federal Republic of Germany has signed agreements according the mutual use of automated border control systems with the United States of America and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

After registration in an enrolment centre of the Federal Police the automated border control system EasyPASS is open to eligible citizens from Hong Kong and the USA.

On the basis of the before mentioned agreements German nationals have the opportunity to apply for a membership for the respective affiliate program.

The United States are offering to German citizen to participate in the Registered Travelers Program "Global Entry" (GE). To this end, a preliminary examination - a so-called "pre-check" - in an enrollment center of the Federal Police is required, before applying for a GE membership.
Locations of enrolment centres in Germany

The following links offer further information about the Global Entry Program:


Hong Kong:
Since 1st November 2014 German nationals can use the automated border control procedures "e-Channel" in Hong Kong after registration at Hong Kong International Airport or the Macau Ferry Terminal. 

More information on registration, availability and frequently asked questions can be found here:


Republic of Korea:
On December 1, 2018, the Easypass RTP program was opened to travelers from the Republic of South Korea. South Korea has, in return, permitted German nationals to register for its "Smart Entry Service" at Incheon International Airport (ICN).  Approved German registrants will be able to use electronic gates (eGates) there under certain conditions for entry and exit. “Smart Entry Service” membership is valid for the duration of the applicant’s passport. At registration, which only takes a few minutes, a photo and fingerprints are taken. 

Additional details and the application form can be found at http://www.ses.go.kr/ses/main_en.ses.

Cooperation with Republic of Korea

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